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The reason that cause the surface of frp grating unfairness

Feb. 07, 2018

As a common fiber glass product, surface evenness is an important factor to evaluate weather the frp grating is in high quality or not. In so many kinds of frp grating products, more of them are judged as inferior-quality product just because of their irregular surface. Therefore, what are the reasons of causing the surface of frp grating unfairness.
Firstly, as for the operation technique , for example, the problem of configuration of raw material resin. If diluent too little, it will cause a high highly viscous for resin and very easy to solidify. Thus it is very important for the compound of raw material. It must to allocat all kinds of additive and adjuvant with standard scale.

The key point is operation technique, some people want to speed up the production by reduce the plies of fiberglass yarn. Fiberglass yarn is the matrix of products, if the volume of fiberglass yarn is to little, it will cause the whole performance of frp grating unstable and then appears the situation of surface resin maldistribution.

Thirdly, to warming the frp grating to make a good consolidation forming. When heating, if the temperature is not get the requirement, it will make the speed of frp grating freezing become come down and affect the overall stability. Inside of frp grating can not freezing forming adequately, its surface will also become irregularity.

The reason that cause the surface of frp grating unfairness

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