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FRP(GRP)/Fiberglass Grating Clips

Clips and fasteners come in a variety of styles and sizes. When you specify a specific style of clip or fastener, the quote you receive will include the exact clip size appropriate for your grating. 

Note: Steel fasteners used on aluminum or galvanized steel gratings must be galvanized. 

Notching bearing bars to adjust the grating so that it is flush with the elevation is not recommended. Similarly, grating which is welded to an angle or toe plate and supported by the weld rather than the bearing bar surface is not recommended and should not be specified. Best results are obtained by always specifying the bearing bar height that results in the proper height of the grating surface

Fiberglass grating clips come in a variety of styles and sizes for all types of fiberglass gratings. Clips can be used to secure grating or plate to the supporting structure or fasten adjacent gratings panels to minimize load induced differential deflection. All clips are made of stainless steel 304, 306 or 316L for maximum corrosion resistance and are available in 1", 1-1/2" and 2". All clips are sold as set consisting of clip, bolt, nut and washers.

There are six main clips used to fasten the FRP gratings into place.

L clip for securing grating to support frames for moderate load.

M clip secures molded or pultruded panels to a support using two adjacent bearing bars. Recommended for stair treads and most molded and pultruded fiberglass gratings.

C clip is designed to tie two adjacent panels of molded FRP gratings together.

J clip for holding one fiberglass grating load bar to the support frame using one bearing bar.

G clip attaches grating to any structural member flange. It fastens grating to horizontal-facing steel structure.

F clip provides a simplified method for joining factory edges of adjacent abutting panels.

Top Clips

FRP(GRP)/Fiberglass Grating Clips

Bottom Clips

FRP(GRP)/Fiberglass Grating Clips

Screws and Rivets

FRP(GRP)/Fiberglass Grating Clips

Clip Frequency

Nominal 4 per panel.

Approximately 3 per M2 where span is > 1500mm.

Approximately 5 per M2 where span is > 750mm or less

Fixing Clips are not generally recommended in areas of vibration or where lateral loads are applied to the grating.


Welding grating to the support structure is a suitable method of fixing, provided minimum requirement are met. The minimum number of welds is four per panel.


Weld 5mm fillet 25mm long at 1000mm centres.

Expanded Mesh:Weld every fourth strand.

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