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FRP Molded Grating

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FRP Pultruded Grating

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FRP(GRP) Grating Clips

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FRP(GRP) Step Cover

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Hebei Huaqiang FRP Products Co.,Ltd is an enterprise which develops production and sell, mainly products include: frp profiles, molded grating panels, pultruded construction materials, pultruded grating panels, frp handrails, frp stair treads, plastic constructions, customisation in frp (grp) products. we can offers integrated solution and technical assistance of frp products for customers.

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The do’s and don’ts of installing frp grating

Preparation before installation: under restrictions of the size of frp grating board mould, therefore, it has to be incised before put to use. It is easy for incision, only need some simple hand...

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The reason that cause the surface of frp grating unfairness

Thirdly, to warming the frp grating to make a good consolidation forming. When heating, if the temperature is not get the requirement, it will make the speed of frp grating freezing become...

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High quality FRP grating product do not have sharp crack, it has fewer stomata. The color of product id bright and unadulterated. Its tenacity and intensity is good enough, which has a long service

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